OCTAEVO Agave glass container - Small

OCTAEVO Agave glass container - Small

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Crafted from clear borosilicate glass, the cylindrical containers merger seamlessly contemporary design with traditional glass-making techniques. The result is a playful version of an everyday object.

Straightforward, functional and decorative with a gentle twist: delicate, green peaks that resemble the pointy leaves of the agave plant. It can be used to organise and store small desk items and bathroom accessories.

The matching lid ensures that all contents are neatly and securely stored. Remove the lid and the vessel becomes a light and elegant vase.


colour: transparent/green 
size: ø 9.4 x H 10 cm
material: Borosilicate glass
comes in a gift box with gold stamping
the product might vary slightly from the picture due to the nature of being 100% handmade